How to Lose Belly Fat For Women Exercises Must Start This Way

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Every time you hit the gym, the best way to get started before anything else is to perform some quality interval training. This is important because it introduces your body to the workout ahead by preparing your heart to pump blood around your body faster to supply your muscles with fresh oxygenated blood ready for work. And your body is now loose, warm and ready with well oiled joint movement.

Coming in to a workout cold, your body must be prepared for the exercise session ahead and here is a good expalnation of interval training from 3 Fat Chicks.


Interval training

Interval training consists of cardiovascular activity that alternates between periods of intense exercise and total recovery. Because of the short duration of both of these parts of the training, you’ll never allow your heart rate to drop to a completely resting rate during the recovery period. The benefits of engaging in an interval training program are many, including boosting your aerobic capacity.

Cross Training Benefits

Interval training also boosts your total aerobic capacity by helping to make it so that you have less chance of being injured while you work out. By exercising your muscles in an interval training program, you’ll put them through a series of tests which cause them to build up in strength and firmness. This makes them much less prone to injury that can happen when you’re engaging in other cardiovascular activities as well as weight training.

Calorie Burning

Your total aerobic capacity is also somewhat related to your weight. Generally speaking, if you’re over a certain healthy weight, your total aerobic capacity may have a lower maximum threshold than it would if you were at that target weight. Because of the way that interval training works, it actually causes your body to burn more calories than standard, even paced exercising in a cardiovascular way. This means that you’ll be more likely to help lose any excess weight that you have and you’ll be better prepared to continue with your aerobic training at a higher maximum level than you were able to engage in before….More at How Interval Training Helps Boost Aerobic Capacity

So as you can see interval training is key to a great warm up ready for resistance training or body weight training and it’s the most effective way to lose weight, just ask Beyonce Carter.

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